Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Snow cones

While Dax was transferring the tapes this weekend, the kids spent much of their time watching. (They're very taken with themselves. :0) ) On one of the tapes Wyatt saw that he got a Sponge Bob snow cone maker for his birthday. He spent some time yesterday going through kitchen cabinets to find it but eventually he did. They spent a lot of time last night making (Wyatt) and eating (all of them) snow cones.

(Oh, and Kirsten is pretending to have a broken hand. She's bound it with ribbon for a cast.)

The girls are desperate to have a turn at making some and Wyatt is well aware of this. So last night when it was time to 'close up shop' he went to the sink and cleaned it up, and then took it to his bedroom with him. LOL I guess he's going to sleep with it until either he or the girls lose interest. As you can see, Addison is not happy with this at all.

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