Sunday, July 13, 2008

Scary stuff...

My mother-in-law called this afternoon to let us know that Dax's step-dad had fallen off a ladder (they were replacing some wood on the house). He has broken his right arm (and dislocated his elbow) and broken his pelvis. They don't know if he'll have to have surgery on either break (or both) but he is in a lot of pain. We're praying for the best possible scenario for him and that he heals quickly.

On a brighter note, Dax and I went to the movies tonight at the Corral Theatre. It's a little outdoor theatre in the town we live in. It's really cool sitting under the stars on a nice night watching a movie. We saw Get Smart and thought it was pretty funny...and with the kids gone we didn't have to answer any questions during the movie. *giggle*

UPDATE: Dax's step-father has had to have three surgeries on his elbow!! They think they've finally gotten it right but he's still in pain with it. It's taken so long to get things right with elbow that his pelvis is almost healed. He should be able to at least start standing and walking a little soon. Unfortunately, he still has weeks/months to go for the elbow to be back to working. 9/4/08

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