Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Dax!!

It's that time of year of us is another year older today!!

okay...this picture is from last year but it's what I had available. lol

The kids are still with my parents so it's just him and I for his birthday. :0) We're heading to the mall this afternoon and then we'll find someplace nice for dinner. Don't really have anything else planned. We're both really looking forward to his reunion this weekend.

In other news, his step-father will hopefully get to come home today. They reset his arm and we're all hopefull that he won't have to have surgery. As for the pelvic fracture it's just going to have to heal on its own. He's looking at 8-12 weeks bed-rest for that. (not fun at all!)

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Tanja said...

Have a fabulous night out together, those are the best!