Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Taking it easy is over....

The kids are back from their grandparents' house and the end of summer is already here for us. I mean the fewer activities part of summer. The heat will be around for months still!

Cheerleading practice started for Addison and Abigail bright and early Monday morning. Soccer practice is already under way three nights a week and we have two tournaments coming up soon. I don't feel like we've even gotten to ease our way back into the routines. Just BOOM! August first and it's time to go.

If all of that isn't enough of a shock to the system, we had to call the a/c repairman to our house. It appears that our drip pan for the air handler in the attic is cracked and needs to be replaced. The good news is that they can fix it for the low, low price of only $1200. He told me it's a $50 part but they have to take the whole unit apart to get to it.

I almost fainted!!

Oh, and for ONLY $1500 more we could just get a whole new unit in the attic!! Isn't that swell?

I'm afraid he must have seen our money trees in full bloom on his way up the drive.

I honestly think that they cracked the pan the last time they were here when they did our spring check-up because not long after that is when the problem with the overflow pan filling with water started. But, like anyone that doesn't have that kind of money for a/c repairs would do, we headed to the hardware store to find another way to fix it. We looked around and decided to try some of that super putty that can seal anything even if it's under water. So far it seams to be working! Woohoo!!

We had to get the shop vac out and get all the water out of the overflow pan because it was tripping the breaker.

And this cat can't stay out of anything.....she's in the shop vac!

She certainly makes it hard to get things done sometimes.

Cross your fingers that our fix will hold.

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