Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to school!

We went to the school last week to pick up schedules. I think everyone is happy with their classes and how they're laid out.

All four kids were put in all honors classes this year. (Pardon the bragging.) They knew they were in honors English because they were given copies of Alice in Wonder Land that they had to read over the summer. Kirsten is the most thrilled with her classes because her best friend Grace is in every class but one. Life is good!!

Wyatt has recovered from his fall and the knot on his head had cleared up in time for school to start. I was a little concerned because as of Friday it was in that ugly yellow-green phase. Bleck!!!

Anyway, of course going back to school for them means a lot of paperwork for me.

I felt like I was applying for a mortgage with all that paperwork.

Oh, wait.....I don't think our last mortgage even required this much paperwork.

So everybody got their backpacks ready last night and woke up easily this morning (we'll see if that happens tomorrow too) and was ready to go before it was even time to leave. As a matter of fact, they went and sat in the car before I even had all my stuff together.

They tried to get out of the house without a first day of school picture, but you know that didn't fly.

I still can't believe they're in 7th grade!

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simona said...

i stumbled upon your blog via topmommyblogs.
wishing all of you an amazing school year! happy 7th grade!