Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What rest?

The weekend came and went with no rest. What's up with that?

As if making it through the first week back at school and on that schedule wasn't exhausting enough, Addison had a soccer tournament! It was quite a trek from home so Addison and I stayed in Helotes.

As luck would have it, it was also the hottest weekend of the year. Yippee!

They played two games on Saturday and two on Sunday. It was at least 110 for the afternoon games on both days. I don't know how the girls even did it.

 I'm really proud of how our team played. A couple of the other teams were pretty aggressive. I know Addison took a couple of really hard hits but got back up and kept playing. Well, she did for the most part. One of the hits knocked her breath out so that took a little more time. She's a little banged up and quite sore.

The last game of the tournament was a nail biter. They were playing for the title and it was tied. It went into a shoot out at the end. Both teams get 5 shots alternating teams with each shot. Well, each time one team scored, the other did too. So then they had to just start going down the line until there was a winner. It was nerve wracking!!! It ended with the other team winning, so our team came in second. It was really too bad because they had been undefeated -- they had already beat this team once. The way this tournament worked, once they got to this game none of the other stats counted. Whoever won this one game got first place. The girls were dissapointed, but I think they were even more tired. lol

Here's the best picture I got of Addison getting her medal.

Then, on our way home, I got a text from Abigail that Addison's bunny had died. She was, of course, pretty upset about it. But sweet Abigail, bless her heart, had brought the bunny into the house to try to help her. The bunny was very old (she outlived the others by several years) and I think between her age and the heat it was just too much for her.

And goodness knows we need some rain here desperately. I mean, should Dax have needed to use this in order to dig a grave for the bunny?

Cheer practice starts up again this week, with the football games kicking in next week. And Addison has another soccer tournament this weekend. So, there's no rest in the forcast. BUT, the temp is supposed to be ONLY 91 or so this weekend!! Who thought we'd get excited for it to cool down to the 90's?

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