Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Catch Up Post

Let's see......where did I leave off?

I think we've gotten the scorpion problem under control. At least for now. It would certainly help if we could get some rain.

My birthday was weekend before last. We didn't do anything special. Just went out to eat and did a little shopping at the mall. It was wonderful not to feel like anything needed to be taken care of!

Kirsten drew a card for me. She knows how much I like Snoopy so she decided on this:

How cute is that?! She does love to color and kudos for attempting something so challenging. I think she did a great job on it.

Abigail made this for me:

Isn't that cute? In case you can't see the antena, it's a t.v. to go with my initials. And there's that cute little girl again! Now she's wearing make-up. It's just not right.

The kids had to get shots in order to attend the 7th grade. It turns our that each one of them needed four shots!! That's a lot for one visit.

Addison is the only one that wanted to play in the children's area at the clinic. I told her that this looked like she was on some kids' show.

Our trip to the clinic started off fine. Addison and Abigail both got their shots with no problem. Then Wyatt went back to get his shots. He did fine, was talking to the nurses, and then passed out cold. He was sitting in a chair and fell forward. He stopped the fall with his forhead on the hard tile floor. That hit caused him to have a seizure. I was beside myself!! It took everything I had in me not to shove the nurses out of the way to get to my baby. It was such a helpless feeling knowing I couldn't do anything to make it stop.

He almost passed out again a few minutes later, but they were finally able to give Kirsten her shots and helped me get Wyatt to the car. I kept a close eye on him for the rest of the day. It took about an hour for him to really get his wits about him again. Later he told me that when he passed out he dreamed he was having a seizure. I guess that means that he was somewhat aware of what was happening? I'm pretty sure that by the end of the day he was tired of me asking him if he was feeling alright, had double vision, etc. He's just lucky that I didn't sit and watch him sleep! lol

Addison took this picture with my phone on our way home. It was so that I could check on his color without having to turn around while I was driving. You can only see the knot on his head a little bit in this picture.

School starts next week and I'm hoping that we can get there without any further excitement. At least not that kind, anyway.


Beth said...

Okay, first of all I just want to say I love how creative (and talented-- that Snoopy ia really good!) your kids are. I'm sure you love seeing their gifts.

Now for poor Wyatt! I have passed out several times, but never had a seizure! I cannot imagine how terrifying that was to watch. So glad that he's okay!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh! Poor Wyatt! How scary for him and you too! I'm so happy that he is ok!
I love how creative your kiddos are! The Snoopy and TV are so cute! They did a great job!