Monday, August 8, 2011

Why do they do that?

Keep growing, I mean.

This weekend I took the girls shopping.

For this:

Where did my babies go?

We picked out foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and mascara. They each got their own makeup totes too.

They'll spend a little time between now and when school starts practing putting it all on. *sigh* I'm really not on board with this growing up stuff. How come nobody asked me if it was alright with me?

The eyeshadow and blush tones that I picked out are all soft and muted. Abigail put on her makeup when we got home, complete with eyeshadow and mascara. I sent Dax a message (he's out of town) telling him that we're going to be in trouble. The eye makeup really shows off her pretty brown eyes. She'll drive the boys do you think I hooked her Dad? lol

Oh, and if you have a minute, please pray for us to get some rain here. It's beyond dry around here and the insects are invading our house in a big way. We always have problems with spiders since we're in the country, but the ants and scorpions are fighting for room in the house now too.

Yesterday Kirsten put on a shirt and got stung by a scorpion. It fell out of the shirt after it stung her and she killed it. Then this morning Abigail put on a shirt that she had borrowed from Kirsten and got stung by a scorpion. But she couldn't get it out of the shirt. By the time she did it had stung her FIVE times!!! Poor baby! While all of that was going on, Addison was busy trying to kill one by their dresser. If these keeps up, they're going to be afraid to get dressed at all. We're all in the habit of checking our shoes, but I guess now we need to be checking everything! We need some rain big time to help keep them from coming into the house in search of water.

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