Tuesday, November 10, 2009


One day a couple of weeks ago Dax had only one thing to handle for the day. (See here.)

Well, he decided to leave the house with the kids and forgot to take his brain with him. I'm certain that he had lost his mind, that's the only explanation there is.

When I got home from the office Kirsten and Abigail were climbing the fence out front so they could be the first to tell me.

'Dad got a dog! Dad got a dog!'

Huh? They can't be serious!!

Oh......they were.

Meet Kuddles. I wanted to take a picture of her to post here and she cooperated beautifully so I thought I would post them all.

Wonderful, aren't they?

If you look closely you can see that I even had to chase her around the house.

I looked at all of her paperwork from the shelter and it all has 'FOSTER' written across the top of it. What I find really interesting about that is that they collected the adoption fee when Dax decided to 'foster' her. And, nobody has called at all to check on her or to say that they found a home. Oh, and her picture disappeared from their website right away.

Yeah, foster. Whatever!!

Actually, she's been a pretty good dog so far. She's still too skinny though.

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