Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Our Halloween tradition is to first go trick-or-treating in town at the square. Many of the shop owners close early to hand candy out to the kids. (Many just close early and leave - party poopers.)

Here's how we started the trick-or-treating out:

Abigail was one of 'my people' (an Indian- oops, I mean Native American)

Kirsten was a candy corn witch. She kept getting mad because everyone thought she was just a candy corn. lol

Addison was a Spanish princess.

Wyatt said he was too cool for Halloween.

I don't think that we agree on that.


I'm just sayin'.

Each year our little town has a scare crow making contest. I have no idea who won but this one was my favorite.

After we finished visiting with our friends on the square we headed back to the house for hot dogs (also part of the tradition.)

While we were at the house Addison decided that she wasn't going to keep trick-or-treating.

Kirsten spent about an hour going back and forth about whether or not she should continue. She kept asking Dax and I what we thought, asking Abigail, and on and on. Finally Abigail realized what she wanted and suggested that she could wear Addison's costume.

I asked her if that's what all of the hem-hawing was about and she said yes. Ugh! She could have just come out and said so and saved us all the drama (look out future boyfriends!!)

So Kirsten got changed and we headed out to do some more trick-or-treating.

We spent a little over an hour in the neighborhood that we go to (we don't live in a neighborhood.) Abigail was still mad when we left. She still didn't feel like she had enough candy. Never mind the fact that when I gave them their Halloween bags they were full of candy already. They filled them up again when we were on the square, and then again out in the neighborhood.

I guess she's over it now though. She was eating candy when I went to bed last night and was having candy for breakfast when I left the house this morning. Good thing this only comes around once a year.

For me the bad part about it is that they're getting old enough to stay up later than I do and they get up before me on the weekends. When am I supposed to have the time to dig through their bags and pull out the stuff I like without them knowing? Sheesh!

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