Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wyatt's first car

Wyatt got his first car!!

It's actually a truck and it arrived at our house earlier this week. We had to have it towed.

Or, I should say that the guys at my house have a new project.

Looks to me like this will be a long term project. What do you think?

I believe the truck's name is Buster. It was given to Wyatt by one of friends with a couple of stipulations. He's not allowed to try to do some kind of restoration to make it a show truck and he's not allowed to sell it. (In its current state, there's no problem with either one of those. lol) Our stipulation is that Wyatt has to earn the money to fix it up and he has to help work on it. Looks like he's going to be busy.

But, I can say this. The boy is excited!!

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