Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's been kind of quiet

It's been kind of quiet around here.


Dax was gone for several days last week to a conference. I got the impression that the kids were afraid I might get lonely without Dax around.

I really just wanted to go to sleep.

I keep telling myself that some day I'll miss this. Right?

On Sunday we headed to the river with Abigail and one of her friends. I don't know why the others didn't want to go. It was fun and relaxing, all at the same time.

We're almost to the time when the stuff for school starts to gear up again. Cheer practice starts again next week and then before we know it they'll be back in school. We need to soak up the rest of the summer as much as we can.


Jill said...

hi! i found you through the multiples and more blog hop.

i can't believe you have 13 year old quads....honestly, i'm just pretending my twins will never be teenagers. please tell me it isn't as bad as it sounds!

anyways, great to 'meet' you! i'm your newest follower

Johanna Baker said...

Stopping by from M&M - happy to see another Texas girl. I'm from San Antonio, now living in DFW. I used to tube that river. :)

This post makes me fear the teenage years a bit less... looks like you and your kiddos have fun together!