Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another busy week

Time flies when you're having fun, right?

Or maybe time just flies.

Abigail gave us a little scare because she started seeing 'floaters' last week which is a warning sign that there might be problems associated with the ROP surgery she had when they were just a few weeks old. Even though we had just seen the eye doctor for their regular check ups in May, we went back on Wednesday for a closer look. He didn't see anything that was immediately alarming but sent her to the retinal specialist just to make sure. She saw him on Friday, and after a VERY long three hour appointment he said that everything looks good and for us not to worry.

Big sigh of relief!!

Addison competed in another pageant on Saturday. I wasn't thrilled with the pageant coordinators and some of their rules (there was a dress code for the audience for crying out loud) but she enjoyed herself and got 2nd place in her division.

 Sorry, I don't have any good pictures.

The theme was denim and diamonds and I can't begin to tell you how many glue sticks I went through getting those 'diamonds' on her boots and belt.

I'm really impressed with how much personality she puts out there when she gets in front of the judges. Even though she's nervous, she plays it up and isn't shy at all.

We're looking forward to the parade tomorrow and some time with the grandparents. Then on the kiddos will be heading off to Camp Grandparents again.

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