Thursday, July 19, 2012

While the kids are away....

The kids have been gone to 'Camp Grandma' for the last couple of weeks. While they've been gone, Dax and I have taken the opportunity to go do some of the things that they likely wouldn't want to do.

Exciting stuff.

Like we went to The Pacific War Museum.

It's a really well done museum. Much more well done than I had expected for the small town that it's in. The museum is full of information and rather large so we spent two days going through it (and still didn't see everything.)

On Labor Day they're going to have a reenactment of a battle in the area these pictures were taken.

I think we're going to try to take the kids to that.

That was really the most exciting thing that we did. LOL

I think that maybe not having the kids around has thrown me off my game, though. Like last Sunday I almost didn't make it through getting dinner cooked.

I was emptying the dishwasher and managed to know a pitcher of tea over, spilling it all over the clean dishes. Then I splashed boiling water over my hand while draining the noodles. I ran into the dishwasher door and scraped my shin. Then I was getting the food out of the cast iron skillet that I just taken out of the oven and grabbed the handle with my bare hand to hold it still. What the heck?! I can tell you that I was relieved to finally sit down to eat and even more so when I finally got back into bed.

The kids will be home later today so maybe things can get back to our kind of normal.

But now I'm a little scared of what might happen when they all move out. LOL

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