Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend getaway - Part 1

We picked the kids up from their last day of school on Friday and headed out to west Texas to spend a long weekend at Ft. Davis.

It's an interesting get-away because it's in the middle of nowhere. We stayed at the Prude Guest Ranch and there is not t.v., no phones in the rooms, not even any cell phone service. But, it's nice to get away from all of it every now and then.

Our first day there we went to the McDonald Observatory to the Star Party.

While we were waiting for it to get dark enough for the star party to start we bought some space ice cream.

Wyatt wasn't crazy about it.

It was cloudy so they did some things inside first and we went to a lecture on satalites and how to spot them in the sky and even how to find out when they would be coming over. It was really interesting. Then, after the class was over we headed back outside and got to look through the telescopes and see Saturn and some close up views of the moon. The kids really liked that.

The next day we headed into Alpine and went to the Big Bend Museum at Sul Ross State University.

It was pretty interesting.

Waiting on the steps in front of the building while Dax & I finished our coffee.

They even had gargoyles there to protect the building.

Here's Dax learning how to get burn berries hot. (Think of it as higher education.)

It works.

Just ask Kirsten. She still has the spot on her arm where Dax burned her. He didn't know it would actually do that.

Here's Wyatt contemplating attending college here.

It's a really pretty campus.

And believe it or not, Addison and Abigail managed to squeeze in some rock climing too.

To be continued.....

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