Sunday, May 23, 2010

Question of the week

What is the craziest thing someone has ever said to you about your multiples and how did you respond?

I think one of the craziest questions that we have actually been asked is if we have two boys and two girls.

Really? There are three babies in pink with bows in their hair and one child in blue and it's that hard to figure three girls. I really think that most people just don't look at the babies, they just see a bunch and start asking questions. Our response was usually just 'Uhmm, no.'

But, the craziest question asked was asked to my Mom.

She was getting her hair done and the lady doing it was asking how I was doing and all (I was stilll pregnant at the time). There was an older lady in the beauty shop at the same time listening to the conversation. After it was explained to her that I was pregnant with four babies at the same time she asked my Mom if they all had the same father.

Yes she did!

I don't know for sure how my Mom answered but I told her that she should have just told her 'No,  she's like a dog in heat, that girl is.'

Moral of the story: Stop. Think. Then ask. lol


Charlene said...

Lmao...Some people are just plain stupid. There isn't any other way to explain it haha!

Popping by via the qotw linky.

Anonymous said...

how come your blog posts come a bunch at the same time? do you post them together, just with different dates?

Beth said...

I sometimes get "2 girls and 2 boys?" also. I dress my girls pretty femininely. I sometimes want to ask which girl they think looks like a boy.

I laughed out loud at the father question. I can't believe anyone would ask that, but especially to your Mother!!

I think we definitely bring out the crazy in people.

Taryn said...

To anonymous: It's usually because I write the post on one computer and the pics are on another. I do some of it when I'm at the office (usually the pictures) and some at home. It just doesn't seem worth driving the 25 miles on way to get the post done on that day.

Rachel said...

I love the question you got asked, and had to share a question that I just got asked the other day while I was at Wal-mart with my quads. This girl was seriously amazed by our kids, and asked the normal questions like: Oh my gosh, are those triplets? (no, there's four, they are quads) How do you do it? (We just do) But the best question came last, and this is exactly how she said it: So, like, how much did they cost????? I was literally speechless and had no idea what to say! I wish now I would have said something like, Oh, they are four for a dollar back in aisle eight! Some people come up with the craziest ideas!

Just wanted to share another funny story with you! I love your blog! Your kids are great!
Rachel, mom of 2 year old BBGB quads