Monday, May 10, 2010

Band Update

We went to the orientation for Junior High (where does the time go?) tonight and the instrument drive for band.

They had a lot more kids sign up for band this year than they ever have before so they just kind of had to assign instruments to kids.

Here's our break down:

Wyatt will be playing the trumpet. He's thrilled because it's what he wanted.

Abigail will be playing the flute. She's thrilled because it's what she wanted.

Addison will be playing the trumbone. I don't know if she's thrilled or not. It was the last on her list. But, everyone kept telling her that she was too small to play it so now she's determined to. I told her that she might have to wear flip flops to band class so that she could use her feet to help her get the trumbone fully extended.

She doesn't think I'm funny.

Anyway, now begins the search for instruments.

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Beth said...

I love to hear of your crew's activities. I can't imagine three musical instruments being practiced at the same time in one house! You thought the days of listening to the kids wail were behind you ;0)
Can't wait to hear about those band concerts.