Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We had a nice Memorial Weekend. I hope everyone else did too.

The 4-H club here in town sponsors a rodeo every year on Memorial Weekend and we've gone the last two years. It's really a lot of fun to go and participate in the local activities (we just don't do it often.)

When we told the kids we were going Kirsten was beside herself because she didn't have any rodeo clothes to wear--a scary vision of what's coming. After much searching she came up with what she perceives to be the right thing for a rodeo:

I guess she's at least wearing denim and boots. God she loves those boots!!

Here's Addison's rodeo duds:

That skirt is so long I don't know how she managed to even get up into the bleachers. lol

By the jackets on the two you would think we lived someplace where it's cold. I mean, it was all the way down in the 80's but do you really think they need the jackets?

The rodeo was a lot of fun but we couldn't get the kids to participate in any of it. Last year they at least tried the calf scramble. At one part the clown was digging for treasure in the arena and found a bag full of gum and candy and this mob of kids runs out to steal it from him. So he keeps looking to find more treasure. He finds another bag and as he's opening it the kids all run out again. Only this time he drops a skunk out of it!! You should have seen those kids trying to stop and turn around. It was great.

We spent the rest of the weekend mostly being lazy. The kids had to go to school on Monday and the day was beyond beautiful so Dax & I took The Mistress out for a drive and had lunch and he even let me do a little shopping (without complaining even.) It was delightful.


Tanja said...

Lovin' the western duds!

Jen said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend! I think that a lazy weekend is the best way to go!

Thanks for stopping by today. It is really nice to meet you.

Helene said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful time!!! What is it with girls and boots?? My daughter is the same way...obsessed with boots!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today...it's always nice to "meet" other moms of multiples! Kinda funny to know you had all 4 of your kids in one pregnancy and I had my 4 kids in two pregnancies!