Friday, May 22, 2009

The dumbest tattling ever!

We went into town earlier today. The kids had money and it was burning holes in their pockets. One of our MANY stops was at the pet store where they each bought things for their pets. (duh) Then we made the rest of our stops and headed home.

On the way home they started talking about the different treats they had bought for the pets. Addison was talking about how good the berry yogurt drops for the hamster smelled. Then the next thing I know Abigail is yelling at me 'He won't let me taste it but he licked it!! That's not FAIR!' Any guesses what she was talking about?

Wyatt had bough beef basted pigs ears for the dog. Abigail was all mad because he wouldn't let her taste the pigs ear!! Are you kidding me? They truly have lost their little minds....there's just no other explanation.

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