Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Two Musketeers

Last night in class Wyatt and Addison got to actually suit up and fence. They really loved it and I thought it was great watching them! Woohoo! We all win. lol

Addison is on the right in the above photo. She's fencing against a boy and she'll have to learn to be more agressive with it. She didn't have any problem with being agressive when she was fencing against Wyatt though. lol

In this picture Wyatt is the one on the left. He's fencing against another boy. Wyatt started off really well but then backed off a bit.

They both seem to really pay attention to the coaches and try to do it the way they're being told (not like when they played soccer.) When they're at home they practice fencing with Star Wars light sabers. LOL

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