Thursday, September 25, 2008

I read another blog (well, far more than just one other) but on this one she always posts a Thankful Thursday post. Today she asked (if you don't have a Thankful Thursday post) why not? I thought it was a good questions and I didn't have a good answer, so here goes mine.

I am thankful:

1. that Dax & I own our own business which gives us the freedom to be more involved in our children's lives.

2. for the wonderful sense of play and imagination that my children show daily.

3. that I was able to open my home to my parents in the wake of hurricane Ike and again to friends this week to watch something that was very important to me.

4. for my many creative outlets that bring me so much joy.

5. sitting down most nights at the dinner table to eat as a family and share the days happenings.

6. autumn days when we can have the windows open.

7. rain (we need some more of it).


Tanja said...

What a fabulous list, all of it 1-7! Thanks for playing and check my blog later to enter the give-a-way! Have a great day-

Tanja said...

Come enter the give-a-way!!