Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sleep Over

One of my children had a friend spend the night this weekend. I'll refer to the 'guest child' as G. I'm really used to my own kids (duh) and find many of their friends to be a little odd. G is no exception. I made dinner - hamburger patties & mac-n-cheeese. Don't know what G eats so figured mac-n-cheese was safe. G wasn't hungry so didn't eat when the rest of us ate. 30 minutes later G was hungry. G wants pepsi and chips for dinner. Sorry, not for dinner at my house. G pouts a little then asks one of my kids to make some peanut butter toast. Said child gives G the stuff to make it. G puts the pb on the bread (3 slices) and then asks how to toast it but decides the microwave is fine because the pb has to be warm. The next morning G has 6 more pieces of this pb warmed bread. The other kids had pancakes but G didn't want those. Then at lunch time my kids had left over mac-n-cheese (there was a lot) but G wasn't hungry again. Then when I put everything away G came and asked for some mac-n-cheese. grrr! Then G proceeded to eat 4 bowls of it. (why couldn't G eat it the night before when everyone else did? I don't get it.)(and why can't G eat at the same time as everyone else? - G has spent the night before and we went to Pizza Hut. G didn't eat any pizza until I started boxing up the left-overs to leave) G also ate 2 big bags of chips during the stay. I guess all of this is okay at home, but I don't let my kids eat that way. We eat at dinner time as a family and not junk food instead. They're not allowed to just randomly graze all day either. They get snacks but it's not just constant grazing. G also got a new glass, plate, bowl, etc. with each serving. For mac-n-cheese alone that's four bowls to be washed. When I loaded the dishwasher G's dirty dishes outnumbered the dishes for my family of six!! I feel terrible about it, but I was so ready for this child to go home (a/f's arrival didn't make me feel any more kindly either). I felt like a waitress running back and forth trying to keep this customer happy. I did tell my children last night how wonderful they are and how much I love and appreciate them. I think my kids were actually getting irritated by G's behavior. Needless to say, it will be awhile before G is invited back over. I need time to forget again. lol

Tell me, should a parent with a child that is a very picky eater or has odd eating habits tell the parents of the friend about it if the child is going to be spending the night? I just felt like I could have used a little insight or at least a heads up. kwim? Maybe being able to plan for it could have kept me from getting so irritated by it all......or maybe not. lol I just don't know.

Okay, I feel better now. I just had to get that out. lol

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