Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some of our 'extended' family

I let the kids have the camera to play with the other day and they took pictures of some of the rest of the family.

Meet Bob

Bob is a robo dwarf hamster (he's in the upper right corner in the picture). He's a little thing but boy is he fast. Bob belongs to Addison and that's his name because it's Addison's favorite name. She's already decided that she's having three children and they'll be named Grace, Bob, and Bunny. Lord help us!!

Next is Patches. He's Abigail's mouse. He's really laid back and mostly wants to sleep. He doesn't even care to play with any of the things we buy and when she puts him in his ball to crawl around the house he just sits there. lol

This is Thin Mint. The kids went through a period where everything got food names. Thin Mint is the sole survivor of the tragedies when we got home from vacation. The bunnies that passed were Chocolate, Caramel, Snow Ball, and Anchovie. I don't even know where they come up with the names they do. When we got our most recent dog Addison wanted to name it Addison, Jr. They're just too funny!!

This is Rainbow. Yes, she's all black, and yes, the kids named her. lol I found her walking on the side of a very busy road when she was just a tiny little kitten so I stopped and picked her up. She's really been a good cat because she put up with the kids carrying her around all the time when they were only about four. The look on her face was always one of 'please, God, let this hurry and be over.' She's put up with a lot!!

And, this is my baby Thunder. He really couldn't much be bothered with the rest of them but he wants to be wherever I am. He's losing his hearing so he doesn't always know if I've left the room so if he can't see me it doesn't take long for him to be wandering through the house looking for me. When I go outside without him he sits in the house and whines. He's a big baby!!

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Tanja said...

Their all so cute! Hope you're having a great day!