Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's noticed

Sometimes moms wonder if many of the things they do are even noticed.

OK. MOST of the time moms wonder if MOST of the things they do are even noticed.

Well, I have faith that it is, even if it usually goes unsaid.

I believe it's noticed and actually appreciated.


Because over the weekend I got a tiny little bit on confirmation.

It all started because Wyatt spent a couple of nights with one of his friends.

On Sunday, I went to pick him up. When he got in the car he was exhausted, because they had naturally stayed up way too late.

As we were heading home he quietly said, "I can't wait to have a decent meal." I asked what that meant and he told me that his friends mother doesn't cook and they are pretty much left on their own to eat junk food when they get hungry.

I think it was then that I heard the angels singing!! It DOES matter that I cook dinner almost every night. It IS appreciated that I make them eat food that's good for them. I AM doing something right.


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