Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Weekend Activities

We had a pretty low key Memorial Weekend.

On Saturday night we went to the annual 4-H rodeo where we always have a good time. It's fun to be there with other people we know and to watch people we know competing.

And they have funnel cakes!

On Sunday we went to my nieces graduation party. She'll be graduating 3rd in her class. Not too shabby!!  I still can't believe that now two of them are actually old enough be in college. Sheesh!

In case you can't tell, she's decided to attend the The University of Texas.

We left two of the kids with the grandparents for the week. Abigail and Kirsten both had tennis camp so they couldn't go yet.

On Saturday, we'll meet up again for Lexi's graduation and Wyatt will likely stay with his grandparents another week and Kirsten will go home with them too. Addison and Abigail have cheer camp next week.

On Monday we took the girls to practice tennis then bar-b-qued at home. It was a nice day.

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