Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We're done!!

Wyatt had another appointment on Monday with the orthopedic surgeon. He said that everything looks good and released him. We're all done with that!


I don't want to sound mean, but I hope we never see him again.

Addison and Abigail also started cheer practice on Monday. They were pretty tired when they got home (it's 8 hours a day) but they said that they had fun.

Kirsten is visiting her grandparents and loving being an only child. Well, she probably was until yesterday when she shut her finger in the car door. It's not broken but there's a pretty good chance the nail is going to come off.

I have to go on Friday morning and have a little procedure done. Because it has been scheduled so early  in the morning, Wyatt told me that by the time he "rolls out of bed" I should already be back home. Kinda' touching, isn't it?

Even though it's summer, I feel like we're even busier than we were before.

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