Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

Someone stole my debit card number and made a large purchase at  The bank said they have the most trouble with walmart and

Addison's team won their soccer game on Saturday. I had in my head that her game was in a small town that's about 40 +/- miles from us. I left early because it's a lot of country back roads driving so it takes a bit longer to get there. As we're cruising down the road I noticed a sign for a sports complex and the name of it struck a cord with me. So I pulled over to get ahold of the team mom to find out where we were actually playing. Thank goodness I called because we were playing at that field. And thank goodness it sparked something in my head because it was only about half way to where I was actually headed. Addison got hurt in the game. There was a collision by two other girls, but they both fell on top of Addison. One of the girls his Addison in the stomach with her elbow and knocked the breath out of her. I think mostly it scared her when that happened. If you're not familiar with soccer, they don't stop the play just because someone is hurt. You have to just lay down on the field and hope you don't get trampled until the ball is out of bounds or some other thing happens to stop the play. Nice, huh? She sat out for a little bit, but she was fine and headed back in to play.

Addison's team also won their soccer game on Sunday. They've really come together as a team and are communicating out on the field. They've started the season off strong with three wins and no losses. Oh, and Addison managed to avoid any dog-piles during this game.

We almost didn't make it to the game because our air conditioner went out. (I'm so glad it didn't wait until August to do this.) The a/c company sent a technician that was actually about 2 hours away. I don't know if it's good or bad that he didn't have the right part and had to order it. If he had been able to repair the system then, we never would have made it to her game. As it was, we got there just minutes before the game started so she got no warm up time or anything.

Wyatt had a great time at hockey practice. He's still taking the learn to play classes. He'll continue those through the summer until the season starts up again in September. Hopefully by then he should be more than ready for the league.

This week looks to be just as hectic as the weekend. Soccer practice, orthodontist appointment, cheer practice, etc. Who ever said it got easier when they weren't babies anymore? I used to be able to put my babies in their swings with their bottles and get a few minutes to myself. LOL


Holly Ann said...

Sorry about your debit card. Ours got stolen over the holidays - perfect timing, right? I hope it all gets worked out quickly for you!

Mama Bird said...

I'm sorry to hear about your card. :( Some people are so dishonest. But, I believe that karma always evens things out...

I really like your blog - I'm following! Please visit mine, too.