Saturday, March 26, 2011

Busy Week

What a busy week we had.....

Sunday:  Addsion - soccer game (they won) Wyatt - hockey practice

Monday: Addison - soccer practice

Tuesday: All four to the orthodontist, Addison & Abigail - cheer practice

Wednesday: Day off from activities.....woohoo

Thursday: Addison - soccer practice

Friday: Day off from activities....woohoo again!

Saturday: Addison - soccer game (they won again) This game was about 1-1/2 hours from the house. It was so far out there that my gps gave up a couple of miles before we actually got to the fields and told us we were already there. I think it was just tired of us driving.

You may notice that Kirsten didn't have any activities at all during the week. Well, other than the orthodontist and that's not her idea at all.  I told her that she was my favorite. However, she let me know that her status as favorite will be revoked soon enough. She wants to play tennis at school next year.

It will be good while it lasts.

Anyway, this week looks to be just as busy. The only thing not on the schedule from last week is the orthodontist appointment. They don't have to go back until April. And, unfortunately that visit will bring with it head gear and perhaps another set of braces.

** Note: Please don't be offended that I told Kirsten that she was my favorite. We tell all our kids that all the time. It's been a running joke since the very beginning. We started off telling them "You're my favorite. Don't tell the others." But, it's been going on so long that when they do something nice or something different than the others they'll say "Am I your favorite because I (.........fill in the blank........)?

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