Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sometimes it scares me.........

Our kids work for us. I mean for real, for our business. When we are done with paperwork we can't just throw it away, it has to be shredded. That's what they do.

I know you wonder why that would scare me.

Because today, I was asking if there were any boxes that they had emptied because I needed one.

Addison looked in the box on the top of the stack and there were some papers that were all stuck together. They had been shredded about half way down the page and then had obviously gotten stuck in the shredder.

I guessed (using my super hero powers of observation) that there were too many pages being fed through at once.

So (in my inifinite wisdom), I told her to only feed through half at a time.

Here's the scary part:

She ripped the pages in half......right down the middle..........and then tried to feed the too thick stack of papers through again.


I may never understand how her mind works.

But, I can say that Wyatt got a good laugh out of the whole scene!!

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Holly Ann said...

Haha! That is a funny story. I might be a tad bit scared too. :)