Sunday, January 24, 2010

Question of the week

The question (or questions) of the week on Multiples and More is:

How did you choose your multiples' names?
Did you stick with family names?
How do you feel about "matchy" names?
Did you worry about their names "coordinating?"
Did you name your babies before you met them, or wait until you saw them to assign names?
What were your second choices?
Did you consider the popularity of a name as a deciding factor?

We had already picked out a boy name and a girl name before I even got pregnant so those two were easy. We got to use them both. They were Wyatt Kendall and Addison Noel.

After that we didn't have any ideas at all. We never thought we would need more than those. lol

I bought several books and read names until they all started to run together. It got hard to even remember ones that we might have liked.

Then I just started to listen to peoples names in conversations, on t.v., just where ever I could.

Dax decided that he liked Abigail so we decided to go with it.

Then we decided on Kirsten after hearing it on a tv show (Party of Five, I think).

But we were totally at a loss for middle names. Again we hit the books.

Dax found Caeden so we decided to use it with Abigail. It's an Irish name and we thought it would work best with Abigail.

Kirsten's middle name was the hardest for us. While I was in the hospital I would watch the credits to shows and read the names. Day after day. Then I finally decided on Sienna for her. And it's a good thing too, because they had already been born by then. lol

We didn't go with family names because I didn't want to have to pick and chose or leave anyone out. So we decided there would be no family names at all. Might as well hurt everyone's feelings instead of just some of them, right?

I'm just kidding!!!

We didn't want matchy names. If we had known how often we would mess up with two of them starting with A we wouldn't have even done that. As for coordinating, we wanted their first and middle names to roll easily with our last name but that's it. We didn't try to coordiante them with each other.

As far as naming them before we met them, we did with Wyatt. lol His was easy. I think we did kind of think of them by their names before they were born, then afterwards when the nurses were asking, we just kind of lucked into the names being assigned to the same child that we had expected them to be. At this point though, I think their names really fit them.

We certainly didn't have any second choices. lol

In all honesty, we wanted names that weren't really popular. We both have unusual names and wanted to do the same with our kids. Who knew that all four of them would wind up being popular? We liked Abigail because it was an old name. Then of course it seems like every other little girl born that year was named Abigail. Fortunately she likes to be called Abigail and most of the other little girls prefer Abbie. Although, I'm not really sure it matters much since most people just refer to them as The Quads. lol


Beth said...

I enjoyed reading how you came up with your kids' cute names! I laughed out loud when I read the last line. My husband's aunt has twins and I was going over names w/ her once and she said,"all this time you're spending worrying about their names and they'll always be called 'the quads.'" She has been right so far.

Sadia said...

It sounds like you reached a lovely balance of thinking about the names, but not over-thinking.

Hey, we're practically neighbours! I work at UT and live in Georgetown.