Monday, January 18, 2010

Paging Dr. Mom to the OR

There's been a tragic accident at our house.

It seems there was a mauling by Kuddles.

Addison brought the maimed victim to me to see if I could do emergency surgery.

Of course I took pictures (because that's what I do) but be warned it's a little grotesque.

It was awful to see Baby Babz with her guts all hanging out.

I told Addison that I would do my best but it wouldn't be pretty.

(I rest my case.)

Addison has had this little bunny (I know it's hard to tell that it ever was a bunny) and slept with it almost since she was born. I think I've convinced her that we'll try once more to wash Baby Babz and then we need to put her away where she can be safe.

Baby Babz has been mauled by dogs twice and she's pulled through. I think she deserves a little time off.


Jen said...

Too too funny. Though I do feel bad for little baby babz!! :)

Deanna said...

I stopped by your blog from Multiples and More this morning, and just thought I would say hello! With the two wild dogs we have, I forsee some "surgeries" like this in our house too!

Anonymous said...

I still have. Her