Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's our Anniversary!!

Today marks 14 years of wedded bliss for us.

My, how time flies!!

It's been wonderful and I wouldn't change a thing. Love you babe!!!

On another note:

The kids all survived the weekend! (I can't begin to express the miracle that simple statement is really heralding!) It was almost as big a miracle that none of them killed each other.

BONUS: I did discover a deeper understanding of why some animals eat their young.

I think I made everyone except Wyatt cry AT LEAST once. Some far more than that. (sigh)

What happened to those cute little kids that are so fondly tucked away in my memory?

I know, I just forgot the 'testing me' part from the years past and only remember the happy, fun things.

Can someone tell me again, when do they get to that age where they don't want to be around their parents every waking moment?

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Tanja said...

Happy belated anniversary!