Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm Skeered!!

(That's redneck for scared. Just in case you didn't know.)

Last night we were heading to Pizza Hut for dinner because I still couldn't wash dishes (I'll explain later) and I was flipping through stations on the radio. One of the girls said 'Oh, I love that song!' so I stopped on it.

The song was pretty heavy metal (Metallica) so I thought they were just kidding about liking it.

Then they started singing along!!!

And then one of them tells me she has it on her mp3 player.


What happened to Bear in the Big Blue House? ...or even the Jonas Brothers?

That's why I'm scared. What next?

Oh well.... (said while I'm in the corner, rocking back and forth, teeth chattering)


And now for something completely different.

Wonder why I couldn't wash the dishes?

We had several days of rain last week (thankfully) but on Friday night it brought with it much thunder and lightning.

Well, some of the lightening struck pretty close to our house and caused the pump on our septic system to die. It didn't get repaired until yesterday evening which means that the septic tanks filled up. That means no washing clothes, dishes, or ourselves by Monday (and as little toilet flushing as possible. )

Dax has been repeating the line from Meet The Parents 'That smell, Bob, is our sh*t!' as often as he can.

Anyway, after the pump got fixed last night then the tanks had to get empty again.

So later, when we were coming home from Pizza Hut we had the windows down because it was a beautiful evening. As we got close to the house we were hit with the smell. As I quickly rolled the windows up Addison asked 'What's that smell?'

It took everything I had not to say 'That smell, Addison, is our sh*t!'

Fortunately that little voice in my head that tries to reason with me was faster than my mouth this time (this time.)

But I wanted SOOOO badly to say it.

I just waited for Dax to get home so I could say it to him instead. 8')

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Marie said...

I can just imagine that smell! I don't know how the kids can sing those songs. It just sounds like a lot of loud noise to me. Life with quads must never have a dull moment.