Monday, September 21, 2009

The Chef

Well, the chef is back at it again.

On Saturday, Addison made a grilled cheese sandwich all by herself for the first time.

She offered to make one for the others but they didn't want a sandwich that 'she made'.

On Sunday she decided that she had done such a good job that she was going to make another. This time the others said she could make one for them too. (I guess they figured she had survived the night so it was safe.)

But 'making' the sandwich wasn't enough. She was also giving lessons.

Who knew you could be an expert after making only one sandwich?

And if that's not enough, I think I actually heard her telling the others why they're better when she makes them than they are when I do it! Guess that gets me off the hook from now on.

The thing I'm curious about now, though, is how can you make a grilled CHEESE sandwich and still leave so much cheese burnt to the inside of the pan for me to clean? Really, how?

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