Thursday, September 10, 2009

I may have created monsters

On Saturday Dax & Wyatt went to the Longhorn's football game. The girls and I were going to my niece's birthday party Saturday evening so decided to make a 'girls' day of it and go shopping.

They just about KILLED me!!!

They used to hate shopping and now I can't get them to stop. I mean, I can certainly do my fair share of shopping but they just left me in the dirt.

How did that happen?

In order to even get a break, I had to bribe them with lunch at Red Robin.

Abigail & Kirsten both ordered these chocolate milkshakes.

They looked really good but I couldn't talk either one into sharing with me. What's up with that?

After lunch it was back to more shopping.

We were even late getting to Houston for the party because I couldn't get them rounded up and out of the store. If I got two of them together the third would disappear. It happened like that over and over again. (I think it was part of their game plan.)

Anyway, I just kept asking myself 'What have I done?'

On another delightful note, Addison has decided that she wants to make breakfast every morning. Kirsten is betting her $5.00 that she can't do it for two weeks. (She's great with the ideas, but not so much with the follow through.) Anyway, she's made it through two days so far.

Yesterday she made pancakes. (Reality check: she stirred the pancake batter and I did everything else.)

Today she made chocolate chip muffins.

Now Wyatt isn't speaking to me because I MADE him eat one of the muffins that she made. He wanted me to make something different for him so that he didn't have to eat something that his sister (said with a sneer) made. That was so not happening.

I'm sure he'll be talking to me again by the time I pick them up from school this afternoon.

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