Monday, July 27, 2015

Turtles Are So Ungrateful

We were on the way to an orthodontist appointment early one morning last week. We got down the road from the house and there was a turtle part way in the road. Abigail made us stop so that she could go get the turtle off the road to safety.

She ran back and moved the turtle into the grass in the ditch. But she was very unhappy when she got back to the car.

Perhaps the turtle just wanted to be in the road. Perhaps the turtle didn't want to go in the ditch that she was carrying him to. Perhaps it was just a mean spirited turtle. Whatever it was, the turtle was not happy with her.

When she reached to pick it up it hissed at her. Then when she started carrying it to the ditch, it peed on her......a lot!

We had to turn around and go back home so she could change pants and then head back to the orthodontist. We were late and I told them why. Once they stopped laughing, they did say that it was a reason for being late that they'd never heard.

So now, Abigail doesn't like turtles.

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