Sunday, August 9, 2015

Time for a Vacation

We decided that we needed a get away before school started back up. We didn't travel far. Just headed to Houston/Galveston to play tourist.

On Saturday night we went to see a performance of Guys and Dolls. It was in a very small theatre (like only seats about 75 people) and there were almost no props, but it was still fun.

After the play we were all hungry so headed to a local icon to eat.

Welcome to the 59 Diner.

On Sunday we took the kids for a life lesson. We took them to the dog track and taught them how to place bets. Ha! 

We were having a good time, even though we were not winning, not by any stretch of the imagination. Then a dog got injured near the end of a race. Then another dog got injured in the very next race. One of those dogs - don't know which - actually broke it's leg. They held off on the next race while they inspected the track. Eventually, they cancelled all races for the rest of the day. Boo for us, but better for the safety of the dogs.

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Nice photo. Thanks for sharing.