Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer time

Our summer started with big fun!!

The first week out of school, Kirsten had her wisdom teeth removed.

(Look at those swollen little cheeks)

Sounds fun, right? This was the most she could smile.

Then, Addison and Abigail went to church camp. They had a great time. They did all kinds of fun stuff, including playing in the river. The one that recently flooded our town and is full of germs and disease. So, it was no big surprise when Abigail got sick. Fortunately she is now well, and back to hockey lessons with Wyatt.

Their Grandfather has been through some scary stuff which has had him in and out of the hospital. We're hoping that the doctors are going to get things under control soon, and that life can get back to normal for him.

They did go stay with their other grandparents for almost two weeks and they had a lot of fun with that. They went to the movies 1 1/2 times (the power went out in the middle of the movie) to the museum, did some shopping, and some eating out. They were returned to us as happy little campers.

The summer is half way over, and we're still trying to figure out what we're going to do for vacation. Nothing like planning ahead!!

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