Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Memorial Weekend

It was a busy Memorial Weekend for us. (I know, so what's new?)

Addison had a weekend long pageant in Houston. I picked the kids up from school and then Addison and I had to pack the car and hit the road. She was required to check in on Friday night so we were doing our best to get there before 9:00. I think we got there at about 8:45!!

The competition was on Saturday morning and then there was a party for the pageant contestants on Saturday night. The party was a really great thing to do for the girls that were there because it put them all into a social situation where they got to know each other outside of competing. They also all had to bring goodie bags that they then went around and exchanged with each other. What a great way to break the ice! What's better than giving someone a gift?

I wanted to take a picture of her in her formal wear and asked her to go stand in the corner in our room (that's about the only place that the light made much difference) and I got this:

and then this....

I think I accidentally got this picture since it turned out to be rather good.
The pageant results were announced on Sunday. She didn't win, but we both learned a lot for competing in the pageants put on by this company. They're all different in what their expectations are. And, she wasn't terribly disappointed since she did her best and some of the stuff we learned at the last minute and had to adjust on the fly.
We got home on Sunday in time to hit the Memorial Rodeo which is kind of a tradition. Well, at least for Dax and I.  We feel like it's a tradition but we were down to only two kids going with us this year. Oh well, we had fun......see.....

Look at all the kids out there for the calf scramble!! But they all had smiles on their faces!!
The kids were off from school on Monday, but they had to spend most of it studying for finals. I don't think they were loving high school at that point.

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