Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Keeping Busy

We are certainly staying busy. The end of the school year seems to bring it's own kind of chaos. It's like everything that wasn't scheduled before then gets crammed into the last two weeks of school.

We attended my niece Kate's graduation from the University of Texas.

I still can't believe she's old enough to have graduated from college!!

Addison had a soccer tournament in San Antonio (or more accurately, the far southwest side of San Antonio which made it about a two hour trek from our house.) She's always played in a defensive position, but this year she's been playing more midfield. Well, we look out at the field when the second game is getting ready to start and see this....

Addison was playing goalie! What?! She's only played once before and she was about 7 at the time. She played hard but they got two past her so she was pretty upset.

Regardless, they were pretty wiped out by the end of the two days.

Kirsten had her end of the year  Show Choir Banquet. This was the first year for the Show Choir program and she's glad that she participated. Here she is stealing my date for photo ops. (But aren't they cute?)

Even though it gets busy, it's nice to see them participate and enjoy some of the different things that are available to them.

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