Thursday, June 5, 2014

School is out!!

Last Friday was the last day of school for the kids. After a week of finals they were ready for it to be over with.

Wyatt got home and set himself up in front of the computer to get his summer started.

With everyone home all day I needed to make sure the pantry was stocked, so I went to the grocery store and Kirsten texted me asking me to buy this magazine for her. I didn't tell her I bought it, I just sent her this picture. (I wonder why they think I'm nuts.....)
Abigail came home from school already starting to feel sick. She's got a nasty cold and cough. Why would anyone want to start their summer that way?
She's still a little under the weather, so on Sunday she didn't want to got with Kirsten, Addison, and I to hang out at the river for awhile. Wyatt was working with a friend and Dax also had to work, but he joined us a little later. It's nice to just stop and relax and enjoy the fun that's right here in our own community every now and then. Especially since Dax and I started working out again recently and seem to be both sore and exhausted more often than not. We're doing the Focus T25 workouts.......and I'm pretty sure the "T" stands for torture!!

It also doesn't hurt that we recently had some really good rainy days so the river actually has a lot of water in it. Gotta' enjoy that while we can!! By the end of the summer it usually only has little puddles of water.

Their days of pure relaxation will be limited this summer, though, because they have a lot to accomplish. We signed them up for College Prep and there's at least one course they'll have to finish this summer. This first one is a study skills course. Once they get that done, we'll start with driver's ed. (We are so not ready to be doing this! What happened to our babies?) We've picked up information from the state to do parent taught driver's ed and I'm looking into which course materials we want to use. I guess that all adds up to the fact that this summer will be filled with lots of learning, not much different than the rest of the school year. Oh well, we'll try to take advantage of as much fun as we can.

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