Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vacation Day 8

Saturday      June 22, 2013

Today we got up early, got the car loaded, and headed to Jamestown Settlement. I found Jamestown to be more interesting than Colonial Williamsburg. I guess it was really more of what I was expecting Colonial Williamsburg to be.

Anyway, in Jamestown Settlement it is set up with a port, and Indian village, and a fort where the settlers would live.

They have demonstrations of the cannons on the dock and it was almost time for the next one when we arrived so we headed to the ships first.

It's really amazing how small the ships actually are inside and how many people sailed on them each trip in order to come to this new world.

Once the demonstration was over, we made our way to the fort.

From the fort we headed into the Indian village. It's really amazing all of the stuff that was out and available for us to touch and look at. They had several of these skins hanging and tools beside them to try your hand at removing the hair. I guess they don't worry about people taking the tools because it's a deer hoof still attached to the leg bone and who wants that?

Once we finished up at Jamestown we made the drive over to York Victory Center. They also have it set up like it might have been at the time.  Although it's set up as the soldiers would have been during the battle. We stopped and watched a talk by the 'doctor' which would likely have little experience and limited medical equipment. It was quite interesting. And we hung around for another canon exhibition.
After we were finished with our tours, we got back in the car for the long drive to Philadelphia where we spent the night. We got in late and rather than drive around trying to find somewhere to eat we just had pizza delivered to the hotel. So, we ate dinner and called it a night.

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