Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vacation Day 3

The day started off as planned. Another early morning with some driving.

Our first stop of the day (not counting Dunkin Donuts for breakfast) was at Moundville Archaeological Park. It's the sight of an old Indian civilization.

It took some effort to see this one. It was at the top of these....

The grounds had a lot of interesting information and a museum with some really well preserved artifacts from the area.

There was also a nature trail that we went down. I think it was about a mile each way and it sure is pretty.

It started raining again today, so we had to wrap up our tour at the park and got back on the road. We stopped and had lunch and to let the weather pass. We were back on the road and headed to Birmingham when I discovered that the place we had planned to visit was closed on Mondays. Rather than spend a night there, we headed on to Chatanooga, TN for the night.

We stayed at the Sheraton Read House in downtown. It's a nice hotel and Kirsten was thrilled because there is a Starbucks downstairs.

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