Friday, July 5, 2013

Vacation Day 1

We had spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa because they were pet sitting for Rupert (the guinea pig) and Phrank (the fish). So we left there on Saturday morning and headed east toward Louisiana. Grandma and Grandpa led the way to our first stop which was a seafood restaurant that makes really good bar-b-que crab.

After eating more than any of us should have, we parted ways. Grandma and Grandpa headed back to their house to commence with the pet sitting duties and we headed east. Along the way we saw some signs for a candy store that boasted about having the world's largest gummy bear so we decided to check it out.

(sorry for the blur.....we were trying to be quick about it)
I don't know if it's really the world's largest, but it is one big gummy bear.
After we all picked out some candy we were back on the road to our scheduled destination which was a swamp tour.
I really enjoyed it. It was quiet and peaceful out on the water and in all the trees.
We saw a lot of this.
And quite a few of these.
For a bit we were afraid that we were going to get caught in a late afternoon storm, but we made it through the tour with only a few drops of rain. But even with the storm clouds rolling in, it was still beautiful!
The tour was by Champagne Swamp Tours in Breaux Bridge, LA. They did an excellent job if you think you want to try one.
We were in Breaux Bridge for only one reason, though. It was to surprise Kirsten. She is crazy about Hunter Hayes and there is a restaurant there called Crazy 'Bout Crawfish that has a Hunter Hayes table that she has been wanting to go to. So, after the swamp tour that's exactly what we did.
Unfortunately, they seated the party right in front of us at that table. So, we sat at a big table out on the patio.
We ordered our food, ate slowly, and waited patiently for the other people to leave so that Kirsten could go and at least sit down at the Hunter Hayes table. Kirsten had the Hunter Hayes burger. Just look at the size of that thing!!
But, our patience paid off and she got to sit at his table!!
She was one happy girl!
We left Breaux Bridge and headed on to Baton Rouge where we spent the night. It was a busy but fun first day of vacation.

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