Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Manic Monday

I took the kids to get their flu shots on Sunday. I had called around town on Friday to see who had shots and how much they cost. The first place I went to on Sunday was out. So, I headed to the pharmacy at Target. I was able to get shots for all three girls there, but they wouldn't give Wyatt his flu shot.

Before the kids started 7th grade they had to get a whole slew of shots and Wyatt passed out after getting his shot. (story here) Well, because he did they wouldn't give him a flu shot last year at the Target pharmacy. The same pharmacist was there on Sunday and actually remembered us and wouldn't give him his shot this year either.

Really? Nobody EVER remembers me!! I'm serious. And then the one time someone does, I wish they hadn't.

Anyway, I took Wyatt somewhere else and they were out of shots there too. So, he still hasn't gotten his yet.

Then this morning when I get the kids up to get ready for school, Abigail says she isn't feeling well. I guess not because she almost passed out twice just trying to get her back to her bed. She was feeling like she might throw-up and had gone ghostly white. She stayed home from school and spent the day in bed.

On top of that, Addison's dog keeps getting out onto our neighbor's land and the neighbor stopped on Saturday and threatened Addison that they were going to shoot the dog if they see it on their land. (The fact that they didn't bother to talk to Dax or I and instead threatened a kid is a whole nother rant.) We've tried just about everything to keep her on our property but she always finds another way to escape so I bought a cone-of-shame to put on her so she can't squeeze through the small openings. She doesn't like it so peed on the floor when I put it on her. Ugh!

Then, Abigail's dog, Rocky, ate Dax's breakfast off the plate on the counter while I was in the pantry getting chips for the kids' lunches. Seriously?! Like there isn't almost always a bowl of food on the floor?! And then, when Kirsten was getting onto him about that, he walked over and peed on some of the Christmas decorations that are waiting to be carried up to the attic!! Gaah!!!

What in the world is that all about?! It takes a whole lot of positive thoughts to salvage your day when the first hour or so goes like that. I just hope that means I've gotten it all out of the way and the whole rest of the week is much better!

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