Thursday, January 31, 2013

Catching Up.....

It's been so busy lately that it seems hard to find the time to keep things updated. Lots to do at the office to get clients taken care of for their year end and to get organized for our busy season to start. Add to that that I've been sick for the last week and it makes it even more difficult to be inspired to post. lol

So, here goes.

Addison was in another pageant. She got princess again.

She's at a tough age for these because fewer girls participate as they get older. She never knows if she's going to be with younger girls or older girls and it makes a difference on what the judges are looking for. But, she still likes doing it so I guess she'll continue for now.

Kirsten and Abigail have started working in a new program at school and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings they go to the elementary campus and tutor kindergarten students on reading. They both seem to be loving it and both like the kids that they're working with. It sounds like a great opportunity for all of the kids in involved.

Wyatt and Dax have been working on Buster. I'm not sure if it's going well or not and, frankly, I'm afraid to ask. Last Saturday alone I think they broke two tools and four lug nuts. But, hey, maybe that's progress. What do I know?


Anne Kimball said...

Hi Taryn, I haven't been over here in a while, so it was surprising to see how much more grown up your kids are getting! Where does the time go?

Reason I pooped over is to let you know I am passing on to you the Inspiring Blogger Award. I love the way you take such great care of your kids, and always with a smile on your face!

You can find the details of the award on my blog tomorrow (Sun) at

Take care!

kc @ genxfinance said...

Addison looks pretty..

Anonymous said...
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