Friday, April 6, 2012

Laundry surprises....

My kids have been responsible for doing their own laundry for a couple of years now.

I remind them all the time about the precautions they need to take when doing laundry.

Things like:

- check your pockets, I don't want any more red pens in my dryer.
- don't wash all the blue jeans at once, the washer ties them in knots.
- don't wash new red clothes with your whites.
- make sure that you're only washing dirty clothes! (I've actually found a shirt still on the hanger in the washer!)

You know, the usual stuff.

The one I repeat the most often, though, is 'Don't just scoop the clothes up off your floor and throw them in the washer.'

And just the other night when the washer was off balance and I went to adjust the clothes I found a reminder of why I say that most often.

It's one of Kirsten's boots.

She assures me that she doesn't know how it got in there because her hamper and her shoes weren't even in the same place.

And of course she didn't just scoop clothes up off the floor because I've told them not to.

I'm sure Not Me did it. That bad little Not Me is always doing something he's not supposed to at our house.

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