Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beautiful Texas Bluebonnets

This year I spread about 10 packets of bluebonnet seeds in our front yard.

I did it in the fall like I was supposed to. We had a lot of rain during the winter so I had high hopes for a bumper crop.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Only, that's not my field of bluebonnets.

Those bluebonnets are growing on a soccer field where I'm sure they're totally unwanted.

I, on the other hand, WANT a field of bluebonnets so that's why I put out all those seeds.

Here's my field.....



More than a hundred seeds, and I got one plant.

Abigail found it and she took the picture. I don't even know where it is because she won't tell anyone.

She's trying to protect it.

But she did tell me that when it is finished blooming and goes to seed then maybe we'll have more next year.

She's quite the optimist!

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