Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back to Easter

It has been so crazy busy around here that I just haven't had time to keep up.

Since I never got around to posting about Easter, I guess I'll start there.

The kids dyed eggs again this year. Although, this year they weren't boiled. Since there are 4 dozen eggs to be dyed, I baked them. And it worked out great.

Here are Abigail and Kirsten still working on their eggs.

Even the cat couldn't resist helping.

Here's the group ready to hunt for eggs.

After finding all the eggs in the house they headed outside to look for more.

The Easter Bunny got them pretty far away from the house this year! We still found some in the trees a day or two later.

There is also still one dyed egg that has remained unaccounted for. I'm not sure if one of the dogs found it first and ate it or if we need to just keep waiting for the smell to alert us to its location.

Dax decided to go with a preppy look for this year's Easter dinner.

Unfortunately we were unable to find him a yacht or a yacht club. Hope he has better luck next year. It sounds like fun.

Addison borrowed my camera for a bit to take some pictures.

I made a collage of the pictures she took.

I'm feeling pretty good right about now that she isn't interested in a photography career.

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