Monday, January 23, 2012

Same Dance, Different Song

Wyatt and I made a trip to the emergency room on Saturday.

He and Kirsten were outside playing and his knee cap slipped out of place.

As if that doesn't suck enough, this time it's his right leg!! (He dislocated the knee cap on his left leg in September.)

Once again he handled it like a trooper.

They put the knee cap back  in place, we put it in the brace, and he sees the Orthopedic doctor tomorrow morning.

Once again Dax was gone to State Guard drill and something happened. What the heck? He's going to be afraid to leave the house soon.

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Beth said...

Poor kid and poor mama. All of our emergencies have occurred while Rod was out. Luckily, just out of the house, not out at National Guard, but still. He is good in emergencies, I am not. I am forced to handle emergencies. There is no justice in the world...

Hope Wyatt gets better quickly and his knee caps stay in place for a while!